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The Outlast Trials Lighting Bug Fix

The Outlast Trials is a survival horror video game developed by Red Barrels. As with any game, it’s not uncommon to encounter bugs or glitches that can impact the overall experience. One particular issue that players have reported is the lighting bug, which can disrupt the immersive atmosphere and hinder gameplay. The Outlast Trials Lighting Bug Fix.

The Outlast Trials Lighting Bug Fix

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective methods to fix the lighting bug in The Outlast Trials, allowing you to enjoy the game to its fullest.

The Outlast Trials Lighting Bug Fix

Understanding the Lighting Bug

The lighting bug in The Outlast Trials refers to an issue where certain areas of the game display abnormal lighting effects or incorrect illumination. This can lead to distorted visuals, overly bright or dark scenes, and an overall compromised gaming experience. While this bug can be frustrating, rest assured that there are solutions available to rectify it.

Update your Graphics Drivers

One of the most common causes of lighting issues in games is outdated or incompatible graphics drivers. To ensure optimal performance and stability, it is crucial to keep your graphics drivers up to date. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer, such as NVIDIA or AMD, and download the latest drivers compatible with your system. Install the drivers and restart your computer before launching The Outlast Trials again.

Verify Game Files

Sometimes, corrupted or missing game files can lead to lighting bugs. To address this, you can verify the integrity of game files through the game distribution platform, such as Steam. Follow these steps:

  • Open Steam and navigate to your game library.
  • Right-click on The Outlast Trials and select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • Steam will analyze the game files and replace any missing or corrupted files.

Adjust In-Game Graphics Settings

Tweaking the in-game graphics settings can often alleviate lighting issues. Follow these steps to optimize the settings:

  • Launch The Outlast Trials and navigate to the graphics options.
  • Set the overall quality to a level that matches your system’s capabilities.
  • Experiment with different anti-aliasing, shadows, and post-processing options, adjusting them gradually to find the optimal balance between visuals and performance.
  • Apply the changes and restart the game to see if the lighting bug is resolved.

Disable Overlays and Third-Party Software

Certain overlays and third-party software, such as Discord overlay, GeForce Experience, or OBS, can interfere with the game’s lighting effects and cause bugs. Temporarily disable any unnecessary overlays or software running in the background and relaunch The Outlast Trials to check if the lighting issue persists.

Reach Out to Support

If none of the above solutions resolve the lighting bug, it is recommended to reach out to the game’s support team or visit the official forums for further assistance. Provide them with detailed information about your system specifications, the bug you’re experiencing, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken. The developers can analyze your issue and provide specific guidance or release patches to address the bug.



The Outlast Trials is an atmospheric and immersive horror game that can be marred by the presence of lighting bugs. However, with the help of the methods outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can effectively troubleshoot and fix the lighting bug, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Remember to keep your graphics drivers up to date, verify game files, adjust in-game graphics settings, disable unnecessary overlays and software, and seek support if needed. With these steps, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the dark and terrifying world of The Outlast Trials without any distracting lighting issues.

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