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All enemy types in Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials was recently released and is a part of the Outlast series. In this part of the series, the Players have to complete various missions. While they are being chased by many different types of enemies. They can either do these missions in solo or co-op mode. In this article, we will provide information about all enemy types the Players will encounter in Outlast Trials.

All enemy types in Outlast Trials
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List of All Enemy types (Standard type):

There are lots of different types of enemies in Outlast Trials. Each one of these enemies has their own unique abilities and behaviors. below is the list of the enemies that the Players will face in the trials.


The first and most basic enemy is the grunt. They will attack the Players with a large metal claw that is strapped to their hands. They do not possess any special abilities. As they are the most basic enemy the Players will encounter them a lot throughout the trial.

Big Grunt

The next enemy is the Big Grunt, which have same behaviour as the Grunt and is larger in Size. This enemies can deal a massive amount of damage to the Players. They also do not possess any special abilities.


Next is the Impostor, these enemies will try to get close and stab the Players by impersonating as them or their allies.


The Pouncer is a type of enemy that hides under a desk or inside a locker. If the Players come closer to the desk or locker where the Pouncer is hidden they will jump on top of the Players and attack them. They Players can avoid them by avoiding going closer to lockers and checking under desks.


The next enemy is the Pusher, he wears a gas mask and likes to use toxic gas when attacking the Players. The toxic gas can put the Players into a state of psychosis, so avoiding them is the best option.

Skinner Man

The next enemy is the Skinner Man who can only be encountered by the Players when they are in psychosis. This enemy is not visible to or does not pose any threat to the Players who don’t have psychosis. But the Players who have psychosis will be chased by this enemy as long as they don’t regain their sanity.


At last, is the Screamer is a harmless enemy type as long as they are left alone. However, if the Players get close to them, they will scream loudly. Which will disorient the Players and will attract any nearby enemies.

List of all the Prime Assets (Boss type):

The Prime Assets are Special Boss-type enemies. Currently, there are only two Prime Assets available in the game. They act like the main villain and chase the Players throughout the trials. Below is the list of all the Prime Assets.

Leland Coyle

The First Prime Asset is Leland Coyle, who is a sadistic police officer and likes to torture anyone who gets in his sight. He uses a baton to electrocute the victims which is connected to a car battery that he carries on his back.

Mother Gooseberry

Next Prime Asset is Mother Gooseberry, who is a former children’s TV show host suffering from a personality disorder. She wears a creepy mask and on her hand, she has a duck puppet which she calls Dr. Futterman. This puppet has a secret drill inside which she uses to attack her victims.

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In conclusion, Outlast Trials is a new part of the Outlast series. In this part, the Players need to complete various objectives while they are being chased by enemies. Above are the details on all enemies the Players will face throughout their trials. With this information, the Players will get an idea of who they will face against and can prepare a strategy to avoid them.

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